Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day

Like all of the other days... I hate school.
1st period is okay... art... Justin is in this class...
2Nd with Riley every one says it's hard... that's okay... maybe it will distract me from life.
3rd Enrichment CORALIE is on my team... ugh.
4th Spanish with Miss Costas's mom she's fun... but I rather have Mrs.Bartlet
5th Humanities ok
6th LA BECCA!!!!!!! duno I want to be friends with her but I don't know if she's friends with Coralie and even if she isn't she might start again because Coralie is in our team...
Lunch... we sat near the speads... we are so popular
7th BECCA!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!! This makes my chances grater...? Now Coralie and I are 50/50.
8th science is small...


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