Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby

In this story the male lead, Alex is really into horses. He takes western lessons, but he's actually interested in dressage. His father is very proud of his son, the cowboy, and Alex doesn't want to let him down.
There was this one part in the book where Alex talks about his "secret feelings" and of course I assumed he meant dressage. Then he goes on to say, "I've met a couple of gay guys..." And I'm like, gay guys are cool and all, but what dose that have to do with the wrest of the story?
This book was really funny.
I did not like the end (SPOILER ALERT!)
Alex finally kisses Chris and is all romantic and stuff, then they go to this guys birth day party and no one wants Alex to be there, so Chris drives him home and shoves Alex out of the car then Alex's dad buys him a horse. The end.

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