Friday, April 29, 2011

Spam Bot

Today I talked to a robot. A week or 2 ago I was on yahoo when an old contact sent me a message:

SC: Are you there?
Me: Yes
SC: can you take a survey for my college class?
Me: Okay
SC: (link that I should have written down)
Me: (I take the test but its one of those IQ tests that wants your cell number and wants you to download something. I decide to lie to her) I got 115
SC: Please tell me when you finish
Me: 115
SC I am going to cook something, tell me your score when I come back
Me: One hundred fifteen
SC: brb tell me your score
Me: the score I got was 115
Are you even getting my IMs?

Then today she IMs me, most of her answers where the same and didn't acknowledge what I just said.

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