Sunday, July 24, 2011

Backwards Progress

Project: UniSex Gloves
Yarn: Purple tweed yarn from KnitPicks
Needles: They say 6 and 7 but I only have eight

As you can tell I'll be knitting slightly above gauge so I decided to knit the children's size and also make it a ribbed cuff. Uh oh, so many alterations cant to well. Read on.
So things are going okay and I decide to try it on for fit and things are looking big.
Way to big! I couldn't take a picture of it but I can fit two arms in there and maybe more. Sigh. So I gave up on that for now.

Other projects: Market Bag- I have ran out of Target  bags. We shop at target a lot so I didn't think it was possible but it is. Double Sigh.

Other News: My LYS is closing. Sob. Though this shall turn into a good news story, for they are having a mega sale. My mom bought some green yarn and a Mini Mochi (I'm so jealous.) and I bought some blue yarn for my next Year of Projects Project; Wood Grain scarf. 
PS Here's a YOP graphic I made, lets pretend like it's a "readers only" exclusive.


Marsha said...

That really bites about the glove. But I know you will succeed eventually and get them to gauge and have them as a FOP soon. I will anxious to see your market bag. I love bags but have yet to make one. Sorry to hear about your LYS. But get all the great deals you can. This is the perfect chance to increase the stash at a bargain.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I haven't had much success with my own "mods" lately either so for the last couple of days I've been knitting the recommended yarn with the recommended needles and following the patterns exactly. Funny how much better that's working out for me LOL.

Sandy said...

Sorry about the sizing issue, and your yarn storing closing....ouch. Hope you have other places to purchase your yarn.

Kim said...

Well--it always makes me sad when local stores close--especially yarn stores! Bit of a bummer about your gloves--I am too afraid to make many modifications yet for that very reason.
I hope this week brings more creating satisfaction!

Annie said...

I hate when that happens! it happened with me the other day with a sock. After I bought the needles specifically for the project and said needle stabbed me inthe butt (grr)

Anonymous said...

bummer!I love the yarn you are using, though. I usually just try one modification at a time on a new pattern.