Monday, August 8, 2011

School Check in Day

Today I had to go to school at 12 to get my books/ ID/ locker.
First they printed new schedules for every one for updates and to make it easier to get the correct books. Every thing looks basically the same on mine, exept they changed my art class and my programing class into a business class (Marketing 1/ DECA). This is upsetting for obvious reasons, but also another one of my classes is It's your Business: Intro, so I have two business classes.
Next I went to go get an ID, which turned out Okay, and a locker. This year you had to have your potential locker partner with you and I wasn't sure if and when Riley would come so I let them assign me a  random partner; Alysha/ Alysa/ Eliesha.
After that I went to go get my books, one for every class. UGH. While I was in line Riley comes by and she didn't have a locker yet but I can't change.
Last I went to my locker and met A... and I found out she she is one of those "popular types", luckily she's one of the nicer ones but we wont be friends.
Alright that was mostly negative, if I make a goal list for the new school year being positive will be on it.

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