Thursday, September 22, 2011

Insperation: Haramaki

Recently I was reading Honey and Clover vol. 7 and in the translation notes it explained what a haramaki was as; "Thick bands of fabric,usually wool or cotton, worn around the belly to help a person keep warm. Recently they have started to become more fashionable in Japan and have even made it over to America." I was intrigued, I have never heard of haramaki. I have seen numerous old people wearing them in manga but I had no idea how they would be fashionable. And I find this!

Guh! Cute! And it's on a guy too!
Some girls wear it on the outside, though I don't think I could quite pull that off. One more picture...

I want one! I think I can make it.
It just looks like a rectangle/tube. I feel like if they turn out well I can even sell them, but that last part probably wont pan out because this is a niche market that already has a (English) monopoly mostly by Haramaki Love, and Orr and probably others.

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