Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let me tell you how disappointed in the internet I am

Today I was on Pinterest (a site where you take pictures from other parts of the internet then people "repin" or repost them. Similar to tumblr.) When this picture pops up on my page.
via the cheeky
Which clearly shows a woman gag-bound and crying stuffed into a suitcase.  I go to the comments and people have written things like "too funny" and repined it to "funny things boards".  Some people actually commented on how disgusting this was and they were met with:

What the fuck? The "argument" continues with:

 I hate it when people try to argue with  feminists with "it wouldn't be the same if this was a man" that's not the point. Which she obviously refutes.

 It also irks me when people say they are neutral about any topic. Of you say you're neutral, you're saying it okay to do, so you're saying you are for it. And as Eliza said, just because she is pointing out something that is wrong doesn't mean she's a crusader (especially because a crusader was a christian warrior who took over/ killed all people in a country who weren't Christians) she's making sure people don't think it's okay to shit all over other people's lives.
Further more; Mark's arguments... dfhjksdfa. 1. Don't argue with someone over the internet about how unimportant arguments on the internet are. 2. How is something not real but not a joke? This is real, I can see it, it is for sale. 3. She is not "pushing her beliefs". She is not pushing anymore than he is and thinking violence is serious  isn't a belief, it's a right all people should have. 4. This is in no way cyber bulling. Cyber bulling is when people on facebook call some other girl a whore. Or other attacks like that. Not in any way an argument. If she's bullying him he is bullying her too.
5.(last) why the hell must people say "good day after they've said something asshole-ish? Really that just makes you sound 100 times more rude.
(insert that comic with Josh and the disgruntled mailman)

PS yes I kept the people's original pictures and names. Why not? But that's a rant for another time.

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Taylor said...

Wow.. This angers me so much. I am a VERY strong feminist, which gets me into a lot of arguments -_-'
... Anyhow, these people are disgusting. The picture itself may not be *real*, but the concept is incredibly realistic. AND any picture of someone gagged and crying saddening enough, without it being a woman and circulated around the internet. I'm of course mad that it is a woman though... Just fucking complying to media's mold...

On a more pleasant notw, I have a Pinterest as well! /steelesteele