Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Plans

I totally stole this idea from One Sheepish Girl. Mine is different because I used an overly decorative filter and I'm not as good at staging.
 I'm on spring break now so really I have many plans for the entire week, but whatever. Hopefully I will be able to blog about the interesting ones next week.
1. I'm going to the teen lit conference (in Denver) next weekend. The keynote speakers are Lauren Oliver and Jay Asher. I've read all of Asher's but I have yet to read Oliver's 4 thick books. So far I don't really like the writing style of Before I Fall but I'll finish it.
2. I really need to stop eves dropping on other kid's conversations about college. One girl I heard said she already has a list of her top 4 colleges. I just have hand outs and random lists. Colleges are still mailing me, so I'll sort through the stack this weekend.
3. I still don't have film so I want to look at Wallgreens this weekend. I admit I'm kind of scared to use this camera. I kind of abuse the fact that you can take hundreds of bad photos on digital cameras, then save one. I don't know how good I would be, not being able to see how my pictures turn out until I pay for them.
4. I think this pattern is from How to Sew Stuffed animals. You may be able to guess the shape now, but I want to surprise you when I finish.

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