Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Using the Internet

I'm seriously considering deleting this blog (or letting it gather digital dust) because hardly any one reads it. The people who do are all spam bots.
Right now I'm trying to find my place on the internet. Its a big place, why not. There isn't much to do irl.
In my earlier history with the internet I would only be on a site for under a year, then it would bore me/ I'd find a new place. My last  haunt was tumblr, but I haven't found any place since. I want a place where I can share pictures, websites and thoughts about a wide range of topics. I think the best way to do all of that is a blog. But blogs have to be so formulaic. You have to have one topic and post on a schedule. But obviously I can't handle that. There are some weeks where I do nothing. There are some weeks where loads of stuff happens. There are some weeks where things happen, but I don't feel like posting.
Then there is the issue of topic. I like lots of stuff. I like cute animals, feminism, random real life updates, video games, and ranting. Especially ranting. But not every one likes that combination.
Which leads me to the worst part of it all. I need people to read what I do. It makes me feel important in a little way. People have taken time out of their lives to read and comment on what I do. I tell myself this is because I want friends, but really I want fans.
In the mean time, I guess I'll let all of my good blog ideas fester in the back of my mind.
Its getting annoying.


Marsha said...

Well, shoot. I read your blot and have it ear marked in my bloglovin' website so when ever you post I know right away so I can go and read. Blogging is a tough one for many of us. I too, struggle with what to blog about and wonder if people really care what I say. If you do decide to move your blog or just go away, please let me know. I will miss you but I totally understand.

Hanah said...

For some reason, I don't know how to reply to comments.
Any way, I think I'm going to make another blog or something, some where else. I really need to get rid of this url because I think it's been distributed to a lot of spam sites.
Right now I'm looking at other sites or deciding if I should just make another blogger.