Wednesday, August 1, 2012

School (as Always)

School is starting up soon (the 16th to be exact). Of course I'm stressed.
1: I'm taking more difficult classes. The one I'm worried about the most is AP Spanish. In classes like this you have to be approved by your teacher, so they know you wont be overwhelmed. The teacher for this happens to be the teacher I had last year and the year before, so she's well aware of how badly I do in class. Last year most of my tests were just above failing and the fact that she only grades homework for completion is the only thing that saved me. I kind of feel like the thinks my wanting to take the class is good enough, that not many others signed up.
I realize I do have some easy(er) classes like Wood Tech and Drafting. Physics will be easy because I already took pre-physics last year. But it was with the same teacher and I really dislike her. She tells really boring stories and the class is really slow, so we'll see. One teacher I am exited for is the pre-calculus teacher. He has won teacher of the year many years in a row and everyone talks about him.
2: I have a past history of procrastination and BSing. I supose I should just try to ignore this if I want to progress.
3: Let's not even talk about social interactions.

Have a Great Day

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