Sunday, August 12, 2012

Website Review- katearends

I've decided to make a series of website reviews it will be mostly about design and mostly negative, because well... I don't know.
First in the series KateArends
Where to start? I guess the layout its self. This style is beginning to become popular and I hate it. Its when things line up vertically, but not horizontally. This might work if people read in columns and pages scrolled side ways, but they don't and this lay out is frustrating. It becomes unacceptable when people add text to it. You pick one article and you have to scroll down (like normal, I know) but then when you get to the end you've skipped 4 other articles, or you're in the middle of them. So you have to scroll up... then down... then back up.... etc. But then when you've read the top five it gets harder to keep track of the ones underneath.
I know what you're thinking "why would I go through so much trouble? I'll just skip most." And that's perfectly reasonable, but that's bad news for the blogger. We don't just write this stuff to fill up the page. We want people to read every word.
Strike two comes from the page navigation. Once you finally read all the articles and get to the bottom you have to scroll back up to get to the next page! Why it this website such a trap to navigate?
The worst part is that in her about me she says she's a graphic designer. I think she fell into the trap of making sure some thing looks good with out making sure its user friendly.  
As far as content: possibly good. I didn't look to far into it because I have to stick to my guns, I just wrote a half page rant! Stupid I know...

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