Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Onion's Sex House

The Onion just finished a series called Sex House. (link is a full play list) Before you watch, some people may not know that The Onion is a parody and the series is comedy. Hopefully you could have figured that out.
It starts out as an ultimate parody of every reality show, the 6 of them live in a house and have sex for the pleasure of viewers at home. Then things take a turn for the worst;
(I'm just fudging the order, you can watch for yourself) Early on, due to numerous reasons, the cast becomes disinterested in having sex. The producers try to convince them other wise by playing "sexy games" or "sexy challenges". But the contestant are unimpressed and want to leave. Only then do they discover they can't they're locked  in this house for an undetermined length of time. Eventually they run out of food and get sick. The crew offers a quick fix of bananas, but when that doesn't work, they go to drugs. Eventually it reaches its climax, the cast realize they will never get out. They accept their fate and create their own civilization. You can tell they have been in there for some time because one of the members had her baby (the result of the only copulation at the beginning of the show) In a high tension moment they you wonder, can they ever escape? will they? Then suddenly a board blocking the window falls off. They're free, they can go back to their lives and eat meat! But they just look at the outside world, then put the board back up. They exhibit extreme Stockholm syndrome and continue their ritual. That,s how the last episode ends. Even though it was an open ending (you know how much I hate open endings) I was extremely impresses and satisfied. The Onion knocks it out of the park again.
But then I find another video in my subscription box. A reunion show. Already I'm upset, I thought it was over, I was done. But never the less I watched it. :((((((((( I hate that they admitted they would let them out of the house. I hate that they would all go on to live normal lives. I hate that Alex turned into some nerdy indie-song writer. Why???
Without that last episode I would give Sex House 5/5 stars, but with I give it 2/5.

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