Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birthday Post

Okay, this was suppose to be up on the 6th, but its not like any one was expecting this.
My Sephora order came in to day by coincidence. 
 The only thing I actually bought were Urban Decay 24 hour liquid eyeliner and a misc sephora eyeshadow. My samples were Betsy Jonson, Lacoste and Escade perfume sample. I got a mini fresh lip set for my birthday.
Eyeliner, I have to wear it for some time to review it.
 These are pretty small but cute. They smell/taste good. The red one is suppose to be tinted, but its not noticeable.
 These are really high class samples. There mini spray bottles. I still haven't tried any of them.

 Unfortunately I won't have the chance with the Betsy Johnson. The envelope in unfolded and I can tell there never was a sample in it. It was a free sample so I'm not going to write to them.
A gift set from origins.
A cute purse. This is a terrible picture, but you can at least see the pattern.

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